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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

nGuard Brings more FirePOWER™ to Managed Security Services


nGuard continues to enhance its Managed Intrusion Prevention Services (MIPS) with the announcement of support for Cisco FirePOWER™ IPS version 5.4.  Cisco FirePOWER™ is built upon IPS technology acquired by Cisco in 2013.  Since the acquisition, Cisco has released several new IPS solutions.  These include integrating FirePOWER™ into its acclaimed ASA firewalls, releasing new FirePOWER™ – based network IPS appliances, as well as FirePOWER™ based Virtual Machine (VM) solutions. 

“We continue to be impressed with each new release of Cisco’s FirePOWER™ IPS technology,” states Derek Burcham, Team Leader of nGuard’s Managed Security Services division.  “With FirePOWER™, we’re able to more easily manage our clients’ various IPS protection points, including dedicated FirePOWER™ appliances, FirePOWER™ VMs, or the ASA Firewall with FirePOWER™ IPS.  The level of customization it provides allows nGuard to create extremely secure, customized policies.  This provides our clients with a very high degree of protection.” 

nGuard supports both Cisco and Intel/McAfee based IPS solutions as part of its Managed Intrusion Prevention Services (MIPS).  These solutions were identified as the top-2 IPS technologies in Gartner Group’s 2015 Magic Quadrant.


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