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As a veteran IT security services firm with an incredibly diverse client base,
nGuard has the expertise to secure your cloud environment.

nGuard has extensive experience securing cloud environments in a variety of business settings. Startup companies use the cloud for rapid pilot and deployment of their services. Established, traditional brick-and-mortar companies use the cloud to scale their environment and provide disaster recovery. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers use a cloud model to deliver their services. With over a decade of experience in cloud security, nGuard has secured these types of environments and has many satisfied cloud customers to reference.

nGuard's Cloud Security Services are as flexible as your cloud environment. Whether deployed on VMware in a private cloud or on a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, nGuard can secure your environment.

nGuard's cloud security capabilities are not one-dimensional. Many cloud environments have to meet specific Governance Regulatory & Compliance (GRC) targets such as HIPAA/HITECHPCI, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, SOX, and ISO 27000. nGuard's cloud security specialists have the expertise to ensure your GRC requirements are fully addressed.

Featured Cloud Security Solutions

  • Security Assessments
    Custom tailored security assessment services to proactively address over 25 key areas of concern.
  • Intrusion Prevention Best-in-class Intrusion Prevention & Detection with time-tested processes and expertise providing 24x7 protection.
  • Security Event Management Sophisticated security information and event management (SIEM) solutions maintained, analyzed and responded to by nGuard experts.
Featured Solutions
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