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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

nGuard Reports Strong Increase in Cyber Security Services

Today, nGuard reported very strong growth in cyber security assessment and penetration testing services.  For FY2019 Q1, nGuard achieved a 9.3% increase in services year-over-year, from that of the comparable period.  For FY2019 Q2, nGuard achieved a 35% increase year-over-year, from that of the comparable period.

“The first half of FY2019 was extraordinarily strong for nGuard”, reported Jim Brown, Managing Partner with nGuard.  “nGuard is experiencing increasing demand for all of our services, but the increased demand for assessment & penetration testing services is especially notable.”


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nGuard is a leading provider of expert security assessments, managed security services, security incident response and other advanced security services to organizations across North America & around the world.  nGuard's relentless focus on securing clients, as well as their unmatched security expertise, has helped them become one of the most sought-after security firms in North America.

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